Water Damage, frozen pipes, Ice Dam’s

Frozen Pipes

Ice dam on a house in Connecticut

Ice dam on a house in Connecticut with frozen pipes


Frozen Pipes create havoc in Connecticut, and our Water Damage remediation team is ready to go! If you live in CT and have water Damage in your home, Al’s Absolute Best LLC, is on call. No matter what the problem Al’s Absolute Best LLC, can help! Water Damage, ice dams,smoke damage and more! Frozen pipes bursts are common this time of year, especially with the super frigid weather we have been having. Did you know you can have a cracked frozen pipes in your home that may not leak until it thaws? Plumbers referring us to customers that had frozen pipes ¬†say that for every crack you find in ¬†frozen pipes expect 4 more to appear. Plumbers are often the first on the scene of a frozen pipe break, many times they refer Al’s Absolute Best LLC, to dry the home back to standards.

Water Damage from frozen ground is also an issue, frozen ground will not let melting snow and ice water absorb into ground and my find away into your home, especially in a basement, combine frozen ground with a rain storm and more intrusive water could enter your home.
No matter what the cause of your water damage is, Al’s Absolute Best LLC, can handle the situation. (When seconds count, Call us first!)

Al’s Absolute Best LLC, has been reponding to water damage emergencies for over 17 years, flood waters, waste water, frozen pipe break, toilet overflow, dish washer leak,washing machine leak refridgerator leak, air conditioning leak are all forms of water damage that could require emergency drying techniques. Al’s Absolute Best LLC, menue of services also includes, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, area rug cleaning at your home or in our salon, power washing, automobile interiors, RV interiors, boat interior cleaning and more! Furniture and upholstery cleaning is a large part of our cleaning business, it feels great to get a customers furnishings looking like new!
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